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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Trees

Hello friends! I hope Santa was super good to everyone!! Our kid's were spoiled and had a wonderful Christmas. Ashleigh got her own laptop and Andrew got his bike and all the customizable parts he asked for. Keith and I did as well. He bought me a beautiful diamond necklace and I bought him a new ring. We also got our goodies from the kid's/each other as well. It was nice though this year as we each bought each other something JUST from us. Ashleigh got Just Dance (original & 2) for Wii and it is AWESOME! We were in stitches yesterday, danced the afternoon away. Was great! We had a nice dinner last night and we're now off the rest of the week and really looking fwd to it. Hubby has to go in a couple days, but I am off till a week Tuesday! Yippee! I wanted to share some photo's with you. This year we decided to have 2 tree's. It was my first year decorating our tree with a theme. I went and bought all new lights/ornaments and went with red/silver and Ashleigh helped me with it. We LOVE it! Then a couple weeks ago, we went and chose a real tree...something we haven't done since Ash was a baby. So that was her tree to decorate and she did a beautiful job. That was our "Santa" tree and our family gifts were under the "theme" tree. Was nice actually bc when they were done their Santa gifts, we still had more to open. Worked out well! I got a new lens for my camera from Keith and the kids, so I was playing with it and managed to get pics of our trees with the lights on and they look so pretty! I just have to share. Happy holidays to you and yours and may you enjoy the rest of this holiday season!!!!

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Denise Pustelniak said...

Your trees are beauti-(MUS)! I have a themed tree also,my every-themed tree, although it's not as pretty as yours.