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Thursday, December 16, 2010

And It Just Keeps Falling!!!!!!!!

***second post today, pls scroll down for more pics of my puppies!!***

It started snowing last night and it is STILL snowing here really good!! I took these first couple pics this morning. The second is showing the snow on the railing outside. There's alot and it's still coming down. The other is a pic of our pup, Buddy, and his gf over the fence, Maggie. She's a doll!! The other is our 2 dogs on our pool deck and you can get an idea just how deep this snow is already!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Great pictures!!! The dogs are adorable! It doesn't look like they mind the snow!

Crystal said...

Gorgeous snow sweetie, and I just love your pups...awww big babies...adorable hunny!!!!!