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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Retreat Wknd!!

Hello!! Well, I am busy getting ready for our retreat this wknd. Looking fwd to it! We've had such a busy week here at home. Andrew went on his grad trip Tues/Wed, yesterday was Andrew's 14th birthday, we did some MAJOR house cleaning/sprucing up and Ashleigh had her area track & field meet today. She did well, but she won't go to regionals. She had a great time though and that's what's important!! So, now I am packing/organizing for my wknd away. I leave tmw morning and won't be home till Sunday. Hubby and the kid's will have free rein here at the house! LOL! I have a ton of pages I want to work on as well as some birthday cards and I need to make 3 Father's Day cards as well. So, should be a productive wknd and then I can spruce up my poor neglected blog!! So far, I am doing VERY well on the packing front. I'm trying to take just what I need. See how that goes, right?? So far I have 2 scrapbook totes and likely 1 bin. I think that's pretty good!!

Have a wonderful wknd everyone!!

EDIT: Ok, so here I was, all excited, thinking woo hoo! I don't have too much stuff!! Well...I'm done packing and I have:
  • 1 roller tote
  • 1 big CM shoulder tote (darn thing should have wheels!)
  • lg plastic tote (wasn't thinking about my punches, cricut, know, all the important stuff!)
  • 2 desk top totes
  • my embellishment tower/case (you never know what you're going to need in that dept, right??)
  • camera
  • 1 bag - personal belongings
Hmmm, I guess it's really still not that bad, is it??? Hubby thinks I'm nuts...oh well! He just doesn't understand! LOL!

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Kimberly S said...

Have a wonderful (and productive) time! :)