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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kayak Fun

When we were in Palmers Rapids, a friend of ours taught Ashleigh as well as Andrew's friend, Thomas, to kayak. He took Ashleigh up the river rapids in the river canoe and then had her in a single kayak to see how she liked it. She loved it. Thomas was gone for hours and had a blast. Andrew just wasn't interested. He's not a boat kinda guy. The other pics are friends of Lorne's friends that he was teaching some other kayaking tricks.

I used Cricut "Camp Out" cartridge for my canoe and paddles, the frames are from my's actually a kit from Michaels and I love it!


Crystal said...

WOOOHOOO Karen awesome Kayak Page girl...FABULOUS!!! Great photos here!!

Danni said...

Fun layout!! :-)