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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake in Ontario????

I thought I would take a quick minute and post here as I'm getting calls and emails. I was sitting here a few minutes ago and all of a sudden my monitor started to shake, my wall unit was shaking, the glasses tinkling and the wall of course. It only lasted about 10 secs, but I thought there was no way that was an earthquake, we don't get those here. Then my mom called from Keswick (10 min's south of me) and wanted to know if we felt anything and I said I had, so that pretty much confirmed it for me! I turned on CP24 and it's all over the news. We've had a 5.5 earthquake hit Ontario!! I've never experienced anything like that. They are even evacuating some places in the city. Unbelievable!



Karen Wilson said...

Just watching the news and apparently it started north of Ottawa, which is over 400 KMS from me and it's there that it was 5.5 and then it ripples, like a wave affect, from there. How wild is that, that we felt it here. Crazy! There's been no reports of heavy damage or injuries, thank goodness. Just alot of us scratching our heads thinking WHAT WAS THAT??

Stef H said...

holy moly! that must have been scary as heck!!! at least nothing broke - i hope nothing broke!!!

thanks for adding my badge i'll add yours if you have one. i will add your crafty creations one for sure.

getting excited? i know i am. stay safe, my friend. i'll add you all to my prayers.

hugs :)