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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Patience Is A Virtue....HELP!

This is my gazebo as I found it this morning...hmmm, wonder what happened to the curtains? Where did they go??? Good thing it's on the back wall, so really not a huge visual thing, unless you're sitting inside looking at the

Hmmm, here's my curtains, on the deck, looking a little worse for wear!?
And the culprit is....RILEY!

I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog, but PLS help me get thru this puppy stage! I couldn't believe it when I went out and saw him laying on the deck all wrapped in my gazebo curtains! He even KNEW as soon as I came that he was in BIG trouble!! Thing is, I'm not sure what to do? I don't want to crate him because that's where he goes when we leave, so I don't want to have him not want to be in it, make sense? So what to do? I got mad and told him he was BAD! He's never really chewed anything. We have all our furniture and shoes in tact, he's always been pretty good. He'll be a yr old the end of November, why would he start this now?? Anyone have any advice to share??? He is cute though, isn't he. Lucky for that I tell ya!


SallyB said...

Sorry, can't be of any help! This is the reason I don't have any pets!!! I grew up with a beautiful collie..a spit of Lassie in the films...she was so gorgeous! Very well behaved..but we had a big garden and we walked her every night in the playing fields. As an adult I just don't have the time or patience that you need to train them and I live in a Townhouse with 3 storeys and a courtyard style garden. Good Luck with this one! No not cute...very,very, naughty!!! At least you can go shopping for some new curtains!

Danni said...

Oh my!! Puppies can be so challenging. Our vet told us to put Freckles in a time out when she was a bathroom or somewhere and just ignore them...despite the barks, howls, etc.
I always, always make sure our dogs have tons of chew toys/bones around and so far we've had minimal damage but puppies will be puppies. Hugs!

Karen Wilson said...

Hi gals! Thanks for your thoughts! I think what's happened is that Riley is missing the kids now that they are back to school. He would go get his toys (a recycle bin FULL) and bring them to the kids to play. He had constant attention all summer. He goes nuts when they get home and runs and gets a toy. I play with him during the day as well and then we all walk him at night.

Danni, I'll try that. He's a very loving dog, so when I told him BAD and walked away, he was upset and I wouldn't even acknowledge him. See how it goes!

Karen Wilson said...

I had to laugh at my aunt's reply to this's getting married in Oct:

"maybe he was cold, or maybe he wants to be in the wedding!"

always sees the humourous side of things!

Nancy said...

Oh my God Karen. I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I saw the pictures. That was to funny not to. I have no ideas for you on this one as I dont have a dog. Maybe Linda is right he want to be the ring bearer in the wedding. Good Luck Cous.

Michele Kovack said...

Maybe he is a bit bored and just needs more activity? We are addicts of Cezar Milan (the dog whisperer guy) and he always says that dogs get into trouble when they are bored! Try walking him and getting him tired out! He is adorable though! : )

Karen Wilson said...

Thanks Nancy! LOL!

chelemom - We watch that as well as At The End Of My Leash. I wish there was someone on our area that did that kind of stuff! You really learn alot. I walked him last night till he was dragging his big paws and then because it was so hot last night, poor guy couldn't settle.

I had to laugh yesterday afternoon when hubby sent me Riley's 'baby pics'. I can barely remember him being that small! If you want to see them, click on PHOTOGRAPHY in my sidebar and scroll through. You'll see a few!