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Monday, September 14, 2009

The BIG Yellow Bus & My LITTLE Nephew

Good morning! School started for us last Tuesday. My sister and her family will be moving up closer to me in December, so I offered to help out with getting my nephew back and forth to his new school, so he wouldn't have to transfer later. So, last week, he started his new school. First day, not so good..he doesn't do well with change, but it was all very confusing. Mom and dad dealt with that one. Wednesday, I drove him for the first time. He wasn't on a bus route yet. A little bit better, still a little confusing. Thursday and Friday, I drove him/picked him up, MUCH better!! So, today we started the bus routine. I tell ya, I was trying VERY hard to be excited about the bus. My nephew is only 6 yrs old, started a new school last week, now it's time for something else and he was very nervous all wknd and my sister said there was some tears. Well, that big yellow bus came around the corner and my little nephew turns and says "Auntie Karen, I'm not scared anymore." I darn near cried right there. So, away he went on the big yellow bus and he had asked if I would follow it to school. So I did. I could see his little head peering out the window watching everything that was going on, all the way to school. So when he got off the bus, he looked for my van, saw me and gave me a HUGE grin and a BIG wave and the tears started. I tell ya, that child surprises us all sometimes!! I couldn't wait to get home and let my sister and brother in law know that Hayden did fantastic as they were so worried about him. We're all very proud!
Hayden, Auntie Karen is so very proud of you! You did an awesome job today, big guy!!!! Love you!!!!!
Boy, what an emotional time this school stuff is! This reminds me of when my guys started! My daughter is now in gr 4, but she cried and cried when she took the bus and she cried every day in JK until Oct. That's when they sent a note home saying "Ashleigh had her first tear free day today! YAY Ashleigh"! Of course, that's in her scrapbook!!!!!

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