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Monday, November 30, 2009

"Play Along Monday's" Challenge #19 - Circle Scallop Santa Face (with instructions)

Good morning!!! Well, we had a busy wknd and I have yet to get started on my Christmas cards, so I went back in my blog for idea's and I found the santa claus face tags that I made last year! You can find the instructions here, (Thank you Tanya!) but I've also did my own little tutorial below. These are so cute when they're finished. So, for this week's challenge, I'd like to see you do your own! Can't wait to see how you incorporate your Santa tags!

Materials Needed:
  • circle scallop punch
  • standard hole punch
  • red, white and blush colored paper
  • adhesive
  • trimmer or scissors


  • using your circle scallop punch, punch out 1 blush, 2 red and 2 white
  • using your standard hole punch, punch out 2 white and 1 red, this will be your eyes and nose

  • leave your blush scallop circle whole, trim 3 scallops off 1 white and trim 5 scallops off both the other white and red
  • attach white 5 scallop pc to the top of your blush circle and red 5 scallop piece to the bottom of the blush circle
  • attach the white 9 scallop piece to the back of your santa, on the bottom, this becomes part of his beard
  • now take your 9 scallop piece of red and tuck it under the back of your red piece on the top. this becomes santa's hat. i tucked it under and matched the first scallop on the 9 pc to the second one that's already attached (i hope this makes can always click on the above link for more instructions if needed)
  • now add your eyes and nose and using a black marker, add your little eyeballs and you're done!

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KLW520 said...

cute! gonna have to try this! :)