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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cut For Cancer

Hi there! I don't have a layout for you today, but I have some photo's to share of our daughter whom we are VERY proud of, especially today. Ashleigh is 10 and came to me a couple weeks ago and said she wanted to cut her hair (long curly BEAUTIFUL locks) for cancer. I was amazed that a child so young would even think of something like that. She said no one else was doing it, was just something she wanted to do. We had spoke about a scare that I had almost 6 yrs ago when my yearly chk up showed pre-cancer cells in my uterus. After a partial hysterectomy, I'm healthy and nothing else has shown. She said this was part of her decision, but more so the fact that children out there get sick too and they need wigs to help them through such scary/sad times. So, without further a-do, here's our daughter cutting 8 inches of her locks for cancer.

Isn't she beautiful?? She LOVES her new look and so do we!


Kelli said...

Good for her!! You must be so proud!! she looks stunning!!!!

dolcreations said...

Way to go Ashleigh! You are such a sweet girl to think of others.Your new cut is awesome!!!! Awesome!

Sue said...

Absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Great job mom.