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Saturday, June 25, 2011

African Lion Safari - 2003

Yahoo, it's the wknd!! With the days I've been having, the wknd's honestly can't come fast enough. I've been going back through LO's that I've done in the past but never showed you!! So this one is from one of our summer vacations, back in 2003 - Ash would have been 3 and Andrew 7 - we went to African Lion Safari. As you can see, the kid's were absolutely pooped for the ride home! Stay tuned for more LO's from the past to come!!


dolcreations said...

The kids look so adorable. Oh I miss that age! I like how you cut the picture of Ashleigh into a heart! Lots of crafting this weekend for you???

Stef H said...

that's what i feel like after i clean my house - lol.

too, too cute!

have a fabulous weekend.

hugs :)

Karen Wilson said...

(email comment)

lol the kids were sooo tiny ... wow a million years ago eh!

lee ann :)

Sue said...

Great layout Karen. I love how you cut Ashleigh's photo in a heart shape. And that elephant is adorable.