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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's All About Letters, Shapes and Numbers!

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. The sun is finally shining here and the snow is starting to melt. Supposed to be in the + by the wknd!! Yahoo! So, today I ended up only having 1 of 4 daycare kids, so I decided to be a little productive and include Landen. Out came the cricut and my laminating machine and we came up with this idea! I've laminated everything and gave Landen a dry/erase marker as well so he can trace/erase and trace again! His name is done both separate letters and then all together as well. He's having a BLAST with his new goodies! He just turned 3, so I thought this would be a fun learning tool for him.He can't wait to show his parents and he's been toting his ziplock bag of letters, shapes and numbers EVERYWHERE! Too cute!


Crystal said...

Karen WOW what a fun idea for your little guy and learning just wonderful girl!!! LOVE this and very I wish I had my silhouette when my kids were that age, thanks for sharing sweetie, have a great day!

Stef H said...

very creative! my hubby's grandson's name is landen. only i think it's landOn.

hugs :)

Dina said...

Hi Karen! I have an award for you! please stop by my blog to pick it up! Hugs! Dina