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Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Here!!

Good morning! Thought I had better check in and let you know I'm still here, I haven't left the blogging world, we've just been super busy! Andrew started ball this week, so we have practice one night, game another AND Ashleigh's riding in there. So 3 nights a week we're out and about and then they each had trips this week and today is Track & Field. Andrew's last at Deer Park and Ashleigh's first! So I'm heading up there today and hubby is trying to get home early so he can go too. What a week! Also starting to get organized for our retreat the wknd of June 4th. A little busy, huh???

Hope everyone is well. It's supposed to rain all day tmw, so I'm hoping to get in here and do some scrapbooking or at least do some blog hopping to see what everyone has been up to.

Oh!! Anyone out there watch Grey's Anatomy?? What a finale!!! WOW! I haven't watched CSI yet, hubby had a golf tournament, so we'll watch it together tonight. Any American Idol watchers out there? Who are you rootin' for??? I'm rootin' for Lee...go Lee go!!

Have a great day!


Stef H said...

hey karen: i think this is the time of year we're all busy - even me - and i don't have kids - lol!

oh, i am soooooooo rooting for lee too to win idol. csi has an ending that i will say, makes you gasp! so hold onto your seat.

anyway, good to see you.

Danni said...

Whew...and when do you breathe?? Busy, busy!!