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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Birds & The Bee's!

Good morning friends! Yesterday afternoon I was out playing with one of my daycare kid's and a bee buzzed by her and went right to my bleeding hearts. So, guess what I did?? Yep, ran and got my camera! I was really impressed with these shots. You can see the pollen on the bee's leg! It was pretty cool to watch, let alone photograph! In the one shot of my bleeding heart, you can see the web's on it and then the oriole is one of our backyard birds. We have 3 males and a female, so we're hoping to see baby's soon! I'll keep you posted! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


Jean Addis said...

This is professional photography, Karen. The pictures are wonderful. You're a brave woman getting so close to that's a whopper!

Suezie said...

Karen these photgraphs are simply stunning! Those flowers are beautiful. Wish I could take photos like that.

Tanya said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures Karen.

Danni said...

Gorgeous!! What wonderful photos you took!

Kimberly S said...

Wow, such awesome pictures Karen! I'm not really fond of bees, but they are such remarkable helpers in the big picture. The bird is beautiful, and I do hope you'll be seeing those wishes for little ones come true soon! :)

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Wowzer Karen!! Awesome photos!! Gorgeous!

Monica said...

Beautiful Karen!