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Saturday, October 31, 2009

At The Pumpkin Patch

Hello! Well, Ashleigh is finally feeling back to her normal self. She's been off school all this week with what started as strep and ended up with a nasty fever and ALOT of sleeping and now she has the cough. But, she can go back to school on Monday. Today we ventured to get our pumpkins and tonight, we'll head out to trick or treat for a bit, but not to long. I just don't want her to get sick again. Those fevers were scary. It's really windy out there today and the temp keeps dropping. I have to say, I was visiting another blog today and they have ALOT of snow in Charles Lake BC! I'll take the wind and the cool weather, thank you! I did do a couple projects yesterday, but they're for next week, so you'll have to stay tuned!! Happy Halloween to those who celebrate and safe trick or treating!


Michelle said...

Great photos - Ashleigh is adorable! Glad she's feeling better! Lots of nasty sicknesses going around. Saw your new moon countdown on your sidebar - great to know another person excited about this. I already bought my tickets and am so ready to see the movie!!

Danni said...

What fun photos!! So glad Ashleigh is feeling better!!

Jennifer Meyer said...

Hi Karen :) What wonderful pictures you have shared! So glad Ashleigh is feeling better!!

Looks like you all had a wonderful Halloween!

See you this week on Project Tuesday! Hugs, Jennifer