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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Is On It's Way!!

Good morning! Another cool one. I wonder if Mother Nature knows that spring has officially arrived?? I think she's forgotten. Oh well, at least it's sunny! We woke this morning to 62*C!! For some reason, one of our breakers tripped and it was the one the furnace runs on...OOPS!! So, with hubby talking me through this morning, we figured it all out. Now we're nice and cozy again.

Just wondering, how is everyone doing with your easter plans? Have you been making anything special? What do you do as far as traditions?? I'm working on little easter baskets for my 2 kids as well as my 2 nieces and my nephew. Come next easter, we'll have one more addition!! Once I get my baskets done, or at least one, I'll post a pic for you. So stay tuned!!

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Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for my finished easter basket!! It's looking quite cute!

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