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Monday, March 9, 2009

Antiquing (cards) Class

On Friday night, our scrapbook group had Catherine Black, from Stampin' Up!, come up and teach us about antiquing. We had a ball! I think Catherine may think we're all a little crazy!!

The first card is all about tearing and creating a suede feel with your paper. We took the stamped piece and we ran a bone folder over it over and over and over till the paper started to separate. You use core paper for this. Once it starts to separate, you CAREFULLY pull the 2 layers apart and you're left with paper that feels like suede! You then stamp it and add your other colors on top to give it an antique look

The second card is about using sandpaper to create an aged look on the tree. We stamped the tree and then using sandpaper, you run it across the square so it scratches the paper. You then rub your ink color over the top giving it that cracked look!

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