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Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Happy Hanukkah'

Ashleigh's teacher celebrates Hanukkah, so I wanted to do a special card for him as well as for another teacher that Andrew had for Gr 5 and still keeps in touch with. Both of these teachers are amazing teachers and have taught our kids about Hanukkah as well as given them dreidle's (I hope I spelled that right) and taught them how to play. It's actually a really fun game. So, I came up with this card. I hope they like it.

  • CTMH 'Shalom' acrylic stamp set
  • CTMH 'Simple Stitches' acrylic stamp set
  • CTMH embossing pad
  • CTMH silver embossing powder
  • CTMH glitter stack (no longer available)

I used the silver embossing powder to make the menora and then I used a fine tipped glue pen to add 'fire' (gold glitter) to the candle flames.

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