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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lasting Memories

I have totally been slacking with my Lasting Memories challenges and I apologize, but I just don't seem to have the creative juices flowing these days where paper is concerned. BUT that is all about to change as hubby told me if I get my room cleaned out, border down and ready to fill the holes etc - get my paint - he'll give it a facelift for me!! So now I am super excited as I'll have a proper craftroom with shelves, organizers etc. Right now there's tons of books, laundry baskets of photo's .. it's to much and very overwhelming. So I'm purging as I go through it. I'll be sure to take before and after pics! I think I may even change my blog up a bit to allow it to be more 'me' and not just my crafting side. I have a photography blog and I think if I tie everything into one, it'll be easier for me to keep up with and it's all about who I am as a person. All in due time!! Speaking of Lasting Memories, we've made some changes and our challenges run for the entire month now. We still go weekly, but they all close the same time. We have a $20 gift card up from Lacy Sunshine this month!! If you're a scrapbooker, pop on over and check us out!! This weeks challenge is a sketch and if you love sketches, you'll love this one! Hope to see you at LM!


Christine Dol said...

You are so right...a newly spruced up craft room with surely get the creative juices going! It is hard when life gets in the way...especially now that "hopefully" the nicer weather is on the way. Have a nice long weekend.

KarenB said...

I'm so excited for you - a "new" craft room, wow. I dream of a craft room of my own - you HAVE to share the photos so I can work on my hubby, LOL!!

Michele said...

Yep... love that you may change up your blog too. :) Good idea! I just got a card posted tonight. I made it last Tuesday. So i am right there with ya. I have so much stuff in my crafty space and things just thrown into baskets because I was in a hurry. I think I am with you. Feel like I need to take everything out and reorganize. I have some great shelves, bookcase etc... but don't have things by theme really. And now that I will be taking on a new role... (SU)... feel like I need a dedicated space. You are inspiring me girl!! You are funny though.. no need to apologize. That is why you have a Design Team. okay.. enough jibber jabber.

Stef H said...

what a slacker you are! just kidding! how cool is that. a facelift to your room. my needs one despearately but all it will get is ... i'll paint the furniture. i'll be painting the east side of the house as that's where i spend most of my time. guess it's gonna be a busy summer!


hugs :)