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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do You Use Leelou Templates?

Hi everyone!! Just a quick post - for those using a Leelou free blog template, please read THIS as it's very important and will affect your blog as of October 19th .. or for a low cost of $15, you can keep the template you have and have it personalized:

As of today all free blog designs will now become Premade Blog Designs. Premade Blog Designs are custom blog templates that have previously been created and designed. You send in your  blog title, tagline and even a picture if you’d like, and we’ll add your information to the design.  We also will do all of the installation so you don’t have to mess with a thing! Premades blog designs are a great way to get a totally custom look for a great price. They will be $15. If you would like to order or take a look at our premade designs, click here. They are still under construction and we are trying to update the thumbnails as quickly as possible. - See more at:

I have enjoyed using her templates and wish her all the best! Family comes first and foremost!

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