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Sunday, March 31, 2013

LM #133 - Old Fashioned Photots

Good morning and Happy Easter!! We have an awesome challenge at LM this week - we're looking for "Old Fashioned Photos" this week. Don't worry, if you don't have any, take a recent one and turn it B&W or sepia - voila! Old fashioned :) Here's my LO for this week. I was given some old photos of family and this is one of the pages I put together. Even my dad's in one as a little tyke and omg - my brother and my nephew?? SPITTING IMAGES of my dad! Crazy!


So after all those Easter egg hunts today, come and join the fun, we'll see ya there!!


Haven_mom4 said...

Great page. So nice to be able to see the family likeness through older photos. My soon kind of looks like a younger version of my Dad too

Stef H said...

ah yes! remember when!!!

jade's basket was filled with fancy sandals, sox, skirts, shirts not to mention the candy and then she hunted for eggs... and found.... all 24 of them. her teeth are gonna rot - LOL.


hugs :)

Toni Herron said...

Great LO Karen... The pics are great for this challenge... You already know exactly what to do to make them perfect!!
Thanks for sharing.. Toni.. xoxo

Toni Herron said...

And btw... My oldest boy, looks exactly like my older brother!! lol..
He is known as a "mini Mick" in our family.. My brother doesn't have any of his own children yet, so he thinks its pretty cool too.. lol..

Unknown said...

My ex's nephew is a spitting image of my youngest-people mix up the pics all the time, LOL. Love your photos:)

K Clark said...

funny how the family genes carry on like that... my daughter looks so much like my mom it amazes me

Karen Wilson said...

Thank you everyone!! I had fun with this one and have some more pages to add to this particular set. It's fun working with the old pics and seeing family resemblances.