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Monday, September 19, 2011

Beautiful and Some News!

Hello!! My mom and I took a Motorcycle Training Course this past wknd and wow, was it hard work! Friday night from 7-10 in class and then Sat 8-4 on bikes and Sun 8-5 on the bikes. Saturday morning we didn't even turn the bikes on, you pushed a partner to get balance control etc and then finally turned them on Saturday late morning. We were both completely exhausted on Saturday night and muscles we didn't know we even had hurt. Keith treated us to dinner, so was really nice. Back up and at it on Sunday and that was tough bc we were so darn tired. I'm exhausted, but I passed!!! Now I have my M2 and less restrictions and hubby's pretty darn proud of me as I am of myself!! Came home to a wonderful dinner on the table from my awesome hubby!!! Thank God I have today off though .. I am SO tired out.

Now onto today's LO! Again, done with MyMemories digital software, which you can find both the link AND special $10 savings code to your right in my sidebar. I took these at Elmvale Zoo. Are they not just absolutely beautiful? Magnificent animals. Tmw I have another LO to show you of one more sibling. Have a fab day!!


Sue said...

Congratulations on passing your course. How cool that you are doing it with your mom. How nice that you didn't need to worry about dinner too. Those photos are gorgeous. Perfect title. And the page is just awesome.

Michele said...

WOW!! I just gasped!! This is a stunning layout! Those tigers are going to come after me... aren't they? ;-) Congrats on getting your M2 license. Glad you had fun and got treated well by the Hubby! Hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday. I actually worked (it's been a while)... and my kids got sick on Sunday... let's just say I NEED a vacation.