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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday! A Spring Photo Opp!

Hi everyone and happy Good Friday!! We have spent the day outside enjoying the sun. My hubby left hours ago on his motorcycle, we haven't seen him! Ashleigh woke up talking and hasn't stopped, so he's likely on his way to Florida by now! LOL! So, you have seen the water in our backyard, right? Well, as you've seen in previous pics, the dogs LOVE it back there. We're trying to pump it out now as it isn't going away, but man, there's ALOT of water back there! So...seeing as it's 20 something degree's today, Ashleigh decided...HEY! I want to get wet too! So, a photo opp was born!! Here's Ash and Buddy enjoying a GORGEOUS spring day. I LOVE the one of Buddy giving her kisses....


Danni said...

What totally fun photos!! Love em!

Stef H said...

a fun time had by all! making a fun day out of something not so fun! she's beautiful too!

have a super happy easter!

Carolyn said...

Karen, you have a drainage problem out there. You've got the dogs pictured below up to their knees. We've not had any rain, and it's very dry. You should call the town and have them look at it. Watch for the mosquito's laying eggs there too. Really concerned for you.
Hugs xx

KimS said...

Oh my....I hope the water is all gone now. That's a great pic of Ashleigh and Buddy!

Kimberly S said...

They look like they're having a great time of it! Super sweet phot op, you are so good about catching them! :)

Jennifer Meyer said...

Your daughter is SO sweet Karen! Thanks for sharing the fun photos!

Hugs, Jennifer :)