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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, from my daughter...

Well, we're having quite alot of rain here today, so it's a day to get out the coloring stuff and stamps and make cards or do layouts. We're actually celebrating Mother's Day today with my family as some can't do tmw, so we're heading out for lunch. Looking fwd to it!

When our little girl became old enough to color, she started making me things. When she became old enough to do a little more, she started making her own little layouts and now whenever I sneak to my craft room, she's usually right behind me and she makes card after card down there. So, this is what she made me for mother's day! Isn't this so pretty? I had given her some stamps to color and she went ahead and dug through her stash and made this all by herself. What do you think, another card maker in the works???

Love you baby girl!! Thanks for my card, it's beautiful.

My son says I have to wait till tmw for my card and gift, it's quite nice, having it spread out over the wknd!


dolcreations said...

That's pretty good! Ashley may have to start her own blog!!!
Happy Mothers Day!!!

Danni said...

So cute! She did a great job!

Lee Ann said...

Aww, very nice!