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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dedication and a Thank You Card

I haven't posted alot this week as it's been a tough week at our house. We had to put our family dog down as we found out on Wed that she had bone cancer. This post is dedicated to our Roxie but it's also a thank you to our wonderful neighbors. We got up Saturday morning and found a single rose and a beautiful card on our front step. So last night, I made this card for them. It's nice to know we have such wonderful neighbors.


dolcreations said...

It is nice to have neighbours like you have. I am sorry to hear you had to put your dog down.
The card you made is very nice!

Karen Wilson said...

Thank you, Christine! I just wanted a nice dedication for Roxie.

Thanks for the comment on my card!

We do have wonderful neighbors all around, we consider ourselves quite lucky!