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Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Sale, Paint Cans and Coaster Sets!!

Good morning! I am happy to announce that I made my first sale on Friday! SO excited!! I just wanted to remind everyone that items listed here can be made to order. If I have any on hand, I'll make note of that in my post. If there's something in particular that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to ask. I have lots of supplies and I can make something up so you can see if that's what you're looking for. I can also do invitations, cards and lots of different altered items as well. Prices will vary depending on the project and amount you will need.

Some things to know about Coaster Sets:
  • you can order a set of any amount you need
  • all coasters come with a felt backing, so as not to scratch surfaces
  • all coasters are glazed, therefore protected
  • I have alot of stamps, so please, let me know what you have in mind and I am sure I can help you out!

Some things to know about Paint Cans:

  • looking for a certain theme? let me know as I am sure I can accomodate you!
  • paint cans make great gifts for anyone on your list! See below for examples!
  • want it personalized? just let me know! (see examples in past post that I did for my neice and nephew)

Paint Can Idea's:

  • Teacher - Fill with teachers supplies like post it notes, pens/pencils, erasers, paper clips etc, and maybe a treat or 2!
  • Baby Shower - Fill with baby necessities like shampoos, soaps, socks, soothers, bottles, wash cloths and maybe a little something for mommy!
  • Child's Birthday - Fill with crayons, markers, candy, toys even video games would fit!
  • Adult Birthday - Just about anything would go!
  • Bath Surprise - Fill with soaps, bubble bath, bath salts, serenity CD and candles!
  • Christmas - Fill with Christmas candies, cinnamon scented candles, anything you like!
  • Miscellaneous - Use it as a popcorn tin!
  • Movie Night In A Can - Fill with popcorn, Blockbuster gift cert, some treats and you're off to the movies in the comfort of home!

So many ideas and I can make them all! Each paint can is also unique! You can order your paint can empty to be filled by you or I can do it ALL for you! Depending on your time, you can choose what you would like to do! It's that simple!

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